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Diocese of Lismore Catholic Schools Enrolment Policy and Fees


The continued provision of quality Catholic Education for all students at St Brigid's Primary School requires that all parents assume responsibility for the payment of school fees and levies as they fall due. Parents accept this responsibility upon their child enrollment at St Brigid's Primary School.

However, understanding the values underpinning this policy, the school makes provision for families experiencing genuine financial hardship to negotiate a payment option that is mutually acceptable to both the family and the school. These negotiations are strictly confidential.

Fees are set each year by the Parish Finance Council in consultation with the Principal. They will be adjusted annually to reflect rises in the CPI or school costs.

St Brigid's Primary School fees consist of various components that are charged over the year in Terms 1, 2 and 3.

Each child is charged a Tuition Levy. This cost covers expenses incurred in order to provide this educational facility for student use. In 2017 the Year K-6 Tuition Fee was $513 per student.

Each child is charged a Resource Levy. This cost covers learning resources used during the year. In 2017 the Years K-6 Resource Levy was $201 per student.

Each family is charged a Building Maintenance Levy. This cost covers maintaining school buildings and grounds, repayments of loans and payment of insurance.

Each child is charged a Technology Levy. This cost covers expenses related to IT in learning.

Each family is charged a Year Book Levy. This cost ensures that every family receives a copy of our School Year Book.